David Windmiller

David was only 14 years old when the flying bug hit him, and he began taking lessons at a small airport on Long Island. On his 16th birthday he took his first solo flight. At 17, he started aerobatics without any training before he even had his pilot’s license. That speedy ascent is literally and figuratively what David Windmiller is all about.

Now 48, David still soars in his own rarified atmosphere. Ever since his first air show appearance in 1991, Windmiller’s popularity has been rising year after year—turning more and more eyes to the skies, anxious to see what he comes up with next.

When he takes off in the world’s #1 aircraft for aerobatics, the Zivko Edge 540, David thrills spectators with seemingly impossible feats that keep his peers and his fans in awe. Equipped with a custom built project engine of Teledyne, thrust to weight ratio over 1:1, Windmiller’s plane has a tremendous amount of power to perform aerobatics. Combined with the piloting expertise and fearless exploits of Windmiller himself, the result is one of the greatest shows off earth.

Windmiller’s years of experience include flying aerobatic competitions in the category of unlimited (the toughest of all) since 1994. In 1999 he earned a spot on the United States Aerobatic Team. During his three years as a valued team member, David flew in the 2000 World Championship in France, finishing fourth in freestyle competition.

A resident of Melville on Long Island, New York, Windmiller is based out of Republic Airport in Farmingdale and sponsored by “The Waterfiller” personal water purification system.

Besides being a daredevil, David’s feet are firmly planted on the ground. He is in the real estate business, married to a native New Yorker who fortunately supports his flying addiction, and is the proud father of five great children.

Photo by LSB Photography

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